Webinar: Eco-Friendly Disease Management

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We’re happy to welcome back Suzanne Bontempo from OWOW (Our Water Our World) to share eco-friendly solutions for the most common garden diseases. Prevention is the first step to managing plant diseases. You’ll learn effective eco-friendly preventative measures for many of the common diseases we find in our landscapes. Suzanne will also address how to manage diseases as the weather warms and plant diseases become more active. This class is ideal for every level of gardener.

Helpful gardening resources for Marin-CCC-SF

Webinar Outline:

  • Welcome!
  • What is the OWOW program?
  • Introduction to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • What is a plant disease?
  • Distinguishing plant disease
  • Identification tips
  • Disease management
    • Prevention
    • Cultural controls
    • Eco-friendly pesticides
  • Dormant sprays
    • what they are
    • tips for mixing pesticides from concentrate
  • Tips for using pesticides
  • Resources
  • Time for your questions

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