Christmas Tree & Wreath Care Tips

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Christmas treeKeep your Christmas Tree and wreath looking beautiful all season long with the following care tips:

  1. Use a water stand and check the water level daily. Water should fill the stand almost to the top. Trees get thirsty.
  2. Use an anti-transpirant on both trees and wreaths. It cuts down on water loss through the needles while your tree or wreath is in the warm, dry indoor environment. We carry a number of brands in our stores.
  3. Always keep your tree or wreath away from hot, sunny windows, heating registers, and fireplaces.

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  • Deborah India Gingell

    Hello … I live on the very cliff edge of the ocean in Mendocino (the town). But we have family in the bay area and we come to San Francisco often. We stay across the street at the Ocean Park Motel. And we found you. We do not have a good nursery in our area. So when every we are in town we come shop. Last spring my hubbie got a meryer lemon tree that is doing great, as well as all my wonderful herbs. We come and stay for 2 weeks over the holiday. Last year we fell in love with your wreaths, sprays, and garlands. We decorate our room with it all. It smells so good and is so festive. The “maids” love it and even took pictures of our roon. Then we bring the items home. In our foggy, cool, rainy weather they do so well. We are so looking forward to arriving soon, getting our decorations, and enjoying all the season. Our Dalmatian… Rose… loves to come to your store. See you soon.
    Deborah (India )

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