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Webinar Outline: Container Design Basics

By: Jen Strobel

  • Intro

    • Reminder: All container designs need to be assessed every 4-6 months

  • Choosing the right container

    • Difference between plastic, glazed, and TC

    • Opportunity to add a design element

  • Choosing the plants

    • Simple design vs. full design

      • Thriller, Filler, Spiller

    • Containers can combine plants that otherwise have slightly different watering requirements in the ground

  • Choosing the right soil

  • Planting your container

    • Drought tolerant tips

    • Demo

      • Gravel vs. screen over container hole

  • Basic care/troubleshooting

    • Watering/drainage

      • Most issues happen bc of over/under watering

    • Deadheading

    • Assessing your container after 4-6 months



Supply List:

  • Sloat Potting Soil

  • Sloat Organic Potting Soil

  • Sloat Cactus Mix

  • Sloat Indoor Potting Soil

  • Keeper Stoppers

  • Soil Moist

  • Moss (asst.)

  • Gravel (asst.)

  • Surface saver

  • Pot feet

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