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Seed Starting 
With: Dan Alexander

  • Intro: A Little Botony – The Science of Seeds and Germination
  • Practical Applications:
    • Choosing Seeds
    • Obtaining Seeds
  • Germination Techniques in General
    • Containers, Seed Starter Mixes, Heat
    • Stratification – Cold Wet, Boiling Water
  • Demonstrations:
    • Seed Balls
    • Seed Trays
    • Heat Mat
    • 6-Packs
    • Peat Pellets
    • Broadcasting
    • Cold Wet Stratification (Asclepias speciosa) (Showy Milkweed)
  • Miscellaneous Interesting Stuff
    • Acorn sprouting
    • Bean seedlings
    • Starting tomatoes and peppers
    • Calculating times to start seeds
  • Closing Observations
  • Questions


Materials for Seed Starting 

  1. Seed Balls
  2. Asclepias spp. Seeds (Botanical Interests, Seed Balls, other brands)
  3. Heat Mats, with and without trays and covers
  4. Trays, cell packs
  5. Peat pellet trays
  6. Peat or Cow pots
  7. Seat Starting mix
  8. Peat Moss
  9. Perlite
  10. Coconut coir
  11. Small bags of horticultural sand
  12. Trowels
  13. Grow lights

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