September Plant Pick: Black-Eyed Susan

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rudbeckias black-eyed susansFor fall, we admire the Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia). They are bright and glowing, happy and less somber than the traditional “mum”. You can find Rudbeckia in cheery yellow, gorgeous gold, burnt sienna, rich maroon and mahogany. Some varieties even sport more than one color. The petals surround the unmistakable dark brown to black “eye”. As the flower ages, the eye takes on a cone-shape very similar to that of Echinacea.

This truly American wildflower thrives in prairie grasslands to open forest glades throughout our country. It thrives in the heat of late summer and fall. Though tolerant of drought, average watering keeps them looking their best. Delay pruning the plants back at season’s end. The seed heads are a good food source for chickadees, finches, and wrens.

Blend Rudbeckia with ornamental grasses, traditional mums, and warm hued pansy or viola for a stunning fall combination. They make good, long-lasting cut flowers too!

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