Removing oxalis: an important question for our Garden Guru

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Dear Garden Guru,

What is the best/easiest/most efficient way to permanently remove oxalis? I have had this problem in my garden for several years and it is getting pretty bad and annoying…taking over my vegetable garden.  — Pat in Millbrae


Dear Pat,

I am assuming you are having problems with the larger, yellow flowering Oxalis as it is starting to pop up again. The best, most efficient way of removing this weed is by hand pulling.  The sooner the better because as it ages, it forms new bulblets at the base of the stems that get left in the ground.

Also, the easiest way is to smother it out with lasagna mulching.  This may be the best method for large patches without other plants such as vegetable gardens.  Cardboard is placed on top of the ground, moistened, and then a light mulch is added about 1-2″ thick, then more cardboard, followed by more mulch.

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