Outdoor Water Restrictions Remain in Place

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Due to a dry winter, California remains in a drought and our water supplies are still low. SFPUC is asking customers to continue their water conservation efforts and to observe statewide outdoor water restrictions and Water-Efficient Guidelines for Landscape and Irrigation. Lawns and gardens may still be watered , as long as water use has been reduced by at least 10%, is done efficiently and causes no runoff onto sidewalks or hardscapes  Turn off irrigation altogether when it rains,  and when it is dry adjust irrigation schedules to water no more than once or twice a week. Limit sidewalk and hardscape washing to only when needed for health and safety purposes. Also consider fixing leaks and replacing inefficient showerheads, toilets, and clothes washers.

Learn about SFPUC’s conservation programs at sfwater.org/conservation. Contact them at waterconservation@sfwater.org or 415-551-4730.

The SFPUC offers a number of free water conservation assistance programs to residential and commercial customers.

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