Some of our Favorite Houseplants

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Native to the tropics, this indoor plant superstar features large, glossy leaves. Best of all, Croton (Codiaeum) matches the fall season with its fabulous foliage. Croton needs warmth, humidity, and moist soil. If the air in your home is dry, provide a saucer larger than needed filled with pebbles to set your pot on.



ZZ Plant

ZZ plant, “aka Zanzibar Gem,” is an easy-to-grow houseplant sure to be the star of your indoor plant show. We love ZZ plant’s glossy, green leaves that grow in a zig-zag shape. It’s tolerant to a range of light, humidity, and watering conditions at home or in the office…and it’ll thrive just about anywhere — including under fluorescent lights. ZZ is definitely a Super Star!




Dracaena (also known as Dragon Tree and Corn Plant) are some of the easiest indoor plants to grow. Ideal for desks and tabletops, they’re excellent for adding a glossy pop of color to your office or home. There are so many varieties available, and all flourish in bright, indirect light. Bonus: they’re on NASA’s list for top air-cleaning plants. Stop in and see these striped beauties!


Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

We can’t get enough of this modern looking, undemanding, adaptable, low-maintenance, indoor plant in the Agave family. It will flourish in any type of light and can withstand dry air, fluctuating temperatures, and little water. Most Bay Area Gardeners are familiar with Sansevieria Laurentii, but new cultivars like Cylindrica and Moonshine have really wowed us. Meet the “new Sansevierias”!



Philodendron is beloved by our staff for its rugged foliage. “I love Philodendrons because they’re an easy-care, air-cleaning, indoor plant,” says Cindy Bonilla, houseplant buyer and Assistant Manager at our Sloat Blvd SF location. There are two Philodendron varieties: Arborescent types are shrub sized plants with huge leaves and self-supporting trunks. Excellent in large containers, but they grow so large they need more space than climbing types. Arborescent types: Selloum (tree philodendron), Congo red & green, Prince of Orange, Xanadu. Climbing types. Varieties: Green heartleaf and Brasil (form of Philodendron cordatum).

Hanging succulents indoors

Love succulents? Hang them inside! They’ll grace your home with cascading, vines in different shapes and sizes. Some favorites are: String of Pearls, String of Bananas, Fish Hooks (all Senecio), and Sedum Donkey Tail. Another option is Epiphyllum; a tropical Cacti found on tree branches as an Epiphyte. These plants will produce flowers as large as 6” across in a range of colors: white, cream, yellow, pink, rose, and purple.




This attractive and popular trailing plant will grace any indoor space with its lush leaves. It grows well in low-light but the foliage will turn an even brighter color if it receives some sun. Train the vines to wrap around a stake, a shelf, or bookcase.



There are a dazzling number of varieties of available, and all are prized for their foliage. These lush plants will thrive in dark rooms. Aglaonema is also one of our absolute favorite air cleaning plants!







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