November Plant Pick: Primlets!

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primlet Looking for something different in the English primrose family? Try out one of these gorgeous Primlets. Also called Rosebud Primrose, the smaller double flowers resemble a bouquet of mini roses. Their small size makes them perfect for a container by your front door or on the patio by a seating area to appreciate their slight fragrance. They are great for replacing summer flowering shade annuals. Try grouping them in a pot surrounding a Camellia, Mother Fern or Sweet box for when company is coming

Colors range from Yellow, White, Orange, Pink, Red and Purple. Just like their English Primrose cousins, they do best in shade or morning sun in a moist, slightly acidic soil. To keep them flowering and looking good throughout the winter and spring, water the soil.

Keep water off the flowers and foliage to discourage fungal issues. Remove spent flowers as they fade and use Sluggo to protect from slugs and snails. Feed with Maxsea Bloom fertilizer for increased flower production. Transplant in the spring once flowering is done to a shady spot as they will bloom again next year.


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