Missing that holiday greenery?

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Fill the post-holiday decorating void with houseplants! We have so many fresh plant friends to liven up your space again. These easy-care, low-maintenance indoor plants are available in a variety of sizes and light needs.

Plus! The new year is the best time to welcome a new plant family member. In each of our stores, we love to help connect people with their plants. Stop in and introduce yourself to Paula the Pothos, Freida the Ficus, Darla the Dracaena, or Phil the Philodendron.  🙂

We’ll show you what type of light, water, and fertilizer your new plant friend needs, and how best to pot it up. We carry a large selection of colorful, handcrafted pottery in a variety of styles, and sizes.

With care and some love, your new plant family member can grow together with you and the rest of your family for years to come.

Happy planting!



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