Make a Terrarium!

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Create a lush, plant-filled, living ecosystem that will flourish year-round by planting up a terrarium. They make lovely room or desk companions! We carry DIY terrarium kits with all the necessary supplies or make one out of almost any type of container using our à la carte materials.

Terrariums filled with Succulents & Tillandsia

Terrarium ingredients

  • Glass container with or without the lid   
  • Drainage stones
  • Moss
  • Soil
  • Horticultural charcoal
  • Small 2” plants. We recommend using tropical plants that love humidity in a closed terrarium. If you’d like to use succulents, the terrarium should be lid-free
  • Tools to help plant your terrarium (chopsticks are also handy)
  • Decorative shells, toys, sand, and ornaments

5 steps to create a terrarium

  1. Place a layer of stones at the bottom of the container, plus add horticultural charcoal.
  2. Add a thin layer of green moss on top of the stones.
  3. Place soil on top of the moss.
  4. Add plants and any decorative elements.
  5. Water gently.


  • Create a base layer of small rocks since terrariums don’t have drainage. Rocks both protect plant roots from too much water, but also create a reservoir of water that can provide needed humidity.
  • Select plants with similar light and water requirements. Also, make sure to choose plants that are small enough to fit inside the terrarium as they grow.
  • Watering: if you have a succulent-filled open terrarium, let it dry out completely before watering. If you have a terrarium with humidity-loving houseplants, don’t let the soil dry out. The soil should be moist but not soggy. We recommend using a spray bottle to mist your terrarium.

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