Topsoil / Bulk Soils: Danville *OPEN*

Danville Diablo Rd. Location Only

Sloat Garden Center offers quality, locally-sourced soil mixes, barks and mulches, and construction materials to our East Bay customers. Quick delivery (often same day) and affordable pricing will make any backyard project easier, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional gardener. Need less than a truckload or have your own truck? Pick-up pricing for ½ yard and above is available. East bay delivery only. Please note: our Top Soil dept is located behind our Diablo Rd. store.



(Note: Availability may vary seasonally)

Blends and Amendments

  • Diablo Mix (Our Special Blend)
    Our signature, locally blended mix designed to use in the ground or raised beds.  Great for trees, shrubs, lawns, and flower beds.
  • Compost Blend
    A mix of compost and nitrified Redwood to aid in loosening medium-heavy soils.  Must be blended into existing soil.
  • Green Waste Compost
    A blend of compost used to aerate and loosen heavy clay soils.  Must be mixed into existing soil.
  • Fir Humus
    An acidifying soil amendment good for Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons, ferns and other acid loving plants.  Must be mixed into existing soil. (Limited availability, call ahead)
  • Nitrified Redwood
    Used to enrich soil condition.  Light weight and excellent for use when seeding or reseeding lawns.
  • Planting Mix
    A blend of our Diablo Mix and composts for use in the ground or raised beds.  Great for vegetable and flower gardens.

Barks and Mulches

  • Fir Bark (fine & medium grade)
  • Red Pea Bark
  • Black Pea Bark
  • Shredded Redwood (Fine Black)
  • Shredded Redwood (Fine & Medium grade)
  • Shredded Cedar
  • Playground Fiber
  • Black Walk-on Bark

Construction Materials

  • ¾” AB Class 2
  • ¼” Blue Dust
  • ¾” Clean Crushed Rock
  • Red Lava Rock
  • Lodi Rock
  • Gold Path Fines
  • Screened Sand

Please call for current pricing and delivery fees.

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