• Fall is for planting! Get shrubs, perennials and trees into the ground this month. Winter rains will help develop a strong root system.
  • Look to plant cyclamen in early November. It’s also a great time to plant ground covers and sweet peas.
  • Think fall & winter color: Violas and pansies are perfect for creating mass color in containers or flowerbeds. Available in a variety of hues, they are a terrific ground cover to plant over bulbs in pots or in the ground. For a hardy alternative, consider planting ornamental cabbage and kale.
  • Prepare planting beds for winter. Clear weeds and rocks. Till soil and add soil amendments.
  • Wreaths and garlands will arrive at our stores soon. Cut trees and Poinsettias arrive the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Harvest your vegetables.
  • Top-dress perennial beds, azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons with Sloat Forest Mulch Plus and feed with E.B. Stone Ultra Bloom fertilizer monthly until bloom.
  • Store away and clean any unused pots and containers that can be used as hiding places by overwintering insects, slugs and spiders.
  • Lightly prune Japanese maples while still in leaf. Select and plant maples for fall color.
  • It’s time to fill your bird feeders for winter. Try a suet feeder!
  • Clean up dead leaves, deadhead flowering plants; diseased leaves should go in the garbage, the rest can go in the compost pile.
  • Mulch with compost or Sloat Forest Mulch to amend the soil and keep down weeds.
  • Pull weeds before they have a chance to drop seeds. After it rains, weed seeds, (including grass weeds), will germinate in 5 to 10 days. Applying Safer Weed Prevention Plus or Bonide Maize ready-to-spray (both composed of corn gluten) is a safe and non-toxic way to prevent weeds from sprouting. Apply after rain in your planting beds and other areas where weeds are not wanted.
  • If you need to move perennials and shrubs between now and January. Prune back lightly first to prevent shock and account for lost roots.
  • Bait for slugs and snails with Sluggo or Sluggo Plus.
  • Fertilize cymbidiums with Grow More Orchid Bloom Food.
  • Fertilize blue hydrangeas with E.B. Stone True Blue or Espoma Soil Acidifier now for bluer blooms. Treat with Agricultural Lime to turn hydrangeas pink.
  • Fertilize winter color with a blooming plant food (primrose, cyclamen) such as Maxsea 3-20-20.
  • Continue to fertilize citrus with E.B. Stone Organics Citrus Food or Down To Earth Citrus Mix.
  • Clean and store tools; rub down with alcohol after each use. Grease with white lithium grease to prevent rust. Store shovels and saws in a bucket of sand with a little oil (5 parts sand to 1 part oil).
  • If frost is imminent, be sure to water your garden (if it hasn’t rained recently).
  • Kill overwintering insects and their eggs and prevent disease. Use Bonide All Seasons Oil and Monterey Liqui-Cop when roses and fruit trees have lost their leaves.
  • Ensure houseplants are not exposed to heat sources. Increase humidity by placing on pebble filled saucers.

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