• Plant deciduous flowering cherries and plums, dormant fruit trees and Japanese maples. Look for deciduous vines as well: wisteria, akebia, and Boston Ivy.
  • The first of our summer bulbs (gladiolus and dahlias) arrive in select stores this month. Call ahead to the Sloat Garden Center location nearest you for information.
  • Dormant roses have arrived in our stores. Learn how to plant and care for them. Plant roses with E.B. Stone Sure Start and Greenall Rose Grow Planting Mix.
  • Top dress roses and tender plants with Sloat Forest Mulch Plus.
  • If it has rained, continue to dormant spray. Dormant sprays help prevent peach leaf curl, fungal rot and other diseases. We recommend Monterey Liqui-Cop or Bonide Copper Fungicide for disease and Bonide All Seasons Oil for insects. They can be mixed and sprayed at the same time!
  • Protect your plants from slugs and snails with Sluggo or Sluggo Plus.
  • Protect citrus from rodents with Bonide Repels All.
  • Don’t forget to water houseplants, especially if the heater has been on. Outdoor plants that are not exposed to rain should be checked too.
  • Most houseplants are not actively growing. Reduce watering to avoid root rot.
  • Deadhead cyclamen to keep them in bloom.
  • Protect plants and tender succulents from cold with a frost blanket such as N-Sulate and use an anti-transpirant spray such as Bonide Wilt Stop. Water prior to spraying.
  • Clean up the garden: Prune roses, shrubs and trees. Prune and cut back perennials & ornamental grasses. Need a little guidance? Contact us!
  • After pruning, be sure to clean your tools.
  • Stop the weeds! Weeds that begin with winter rains go to seed in March & April. But the clever gardener never lets them get that far. Pull weeds now before they go to seed. Apply Safer Weed Prevention Plus or Bonide Maize Ready-to-spray made from natural corn gluten to prevent weed germination.
  • Now is the time to remove plants that aren’t thriving to make room for healthier plants. Sad, but true!
  • Feed the birds: We carry Wild Delight, and Pennington Seed Blends as well as Nyjer thistle, and Sunflower Seed. Also, we have suet in 6 flavors to attract a variety of birds from woodpeckers to phoebes. Finch Socks with Nyjer are easy to use and popular with the birds! Our seed blends have no added fillers.