Kid’s Club Activity: Plant up a Fun Succulent Container

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This activity lets kids look around their home and garden for materials to repurpose. Ingredients: Soil, succulents, container, fertilizer, ornamentation… and your imagination!

Find a Container – Because succulents need such infrequent watering and are so durable, you can use almost any container to plant them in. Cool tea tins, cracked teapots, old glasses, toy trains, or dump trucks. Or use school paint (nontoxic acrylic) to paint plain terra cotta pots.

Surface – because succulents are so adaptable, you can create your own little world with a top layer of any color or size (or a combination!) of gravel, sand, pebbles, polished glass, etc.

Ornamentation – once you have your little world built up, finish by decorating with a little treasure or two. Add a treasured rock, shell, wood, toy dinosaur, fairy, or matchbox car. (We especially like to use the little tokens from the machines at supermarket entrances that our kids cajole out of us and then end up everywhere).

Growing tips – Many succulents are easy to propagate. If you fill a dish or tray with sand, sprinkle E. B. Stone Organics Sure Start on top, then put pieces of succulent on the top of the Sure Start. Keep in a brightly lit spot, but not full sun, and water infrequently.

Watch our video to see all the steps to planting up a succulent container.

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