Keep an eye out for bristly rose slugs

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BRISTLY ROSE SLUGS (Sawfly larvae) usually appear when the weather warms up.

They look like small light-green caterpillars with a dark head, have lots of legs, are found on the underside of the leaves, and should not to be confused with the “good guys”, the Syrphid Fly Larvae. The Syrphid Fly Larvae has two white stripes down the center of his back and NO legs. Rose slugs will skeletonize the leaves, chew uneven holes in the leaves or even chew entirely through the rose leaves. Rose slugs have several generations a year. A large unchecked population can defoliate a rose bush.
For chemical control try an insecticidal soap like Rose Defense or Bonide All Seasons Oil and start by spraying underneath the leaves. The Gilmour HoseEnd sprayer is excellent for spraying under the leaves, just turn the nozzle to fan up. Natural enemies are parasitic wasps, birds and small mammals, predaceous beetles, or fungal and viral diseases.

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