How to make a Succulent topped Pumpkin

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How to make a succulent topped pumpkin

Ingredient list:

  • Succulent cuttings and Air Plants (Echeveria, Aeonium, Senecio, Tillandsia)
  • Permanent Craft Glue (Ie: E6000)
  • Scissors
  • Moss
  • Craft wire



  1. Pick a pumpkin with a relatively flat top. It can be any size or color. The stem can be used as part of your creation or removed.
  2. Wash the pumpkin or wipe it down to remove any clumps of dirt
  3. Glue moss to the top of the pumpkin to create your base
  4. Place the succulent cuttings on top of the pumpkin to find an arrangement you like.
  5. Glue the succulents to top of your pumpkin through the moss base. Try to hold the succulent cutting in place until the glue is dry. The wire can be used to help tack the plants down by wrapping around the clipping and working it through the moss base or around the stem.

Caring for your Succulent Pumpkin:

Your succulent pumpkin will last longest in filtered morning light. Water every 3 days with a light spray.

The arrangement will last thru the holidays and into the winter months. When the pumpkin starts to fade, you’ll know it’s time to replant the succulents and compost the pumpkin.

*Note, it’s important not to puncture/cut into the pumpkin at all in order to make sure it lasts as long as possible*

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