Gopher resistant plants

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These plants are usually left alone by gophers. It should be noted that many plants that are deer resistant are also gopher resistant.

Shrubs: Arbutus unedo, Buddleja, Callistemon, Ceanothus, Escallonia, Euonymus, Grevillea, Heteromeles, Hydrangea, Michelia, Nandina, Oleander, Rosemary, Westringia, Ilex, Coleonema, Citrus, Rhaphiolepis, Ribes, Cistus

Perennials: Begonia (fibrous), Dietes, Lantana, Lavender, Nepeta, Penstemon, Salvia, Vinca minor, Artemesia, Euphorbia, Shasta Daisy, Clivia, Heuchera splendens (scarlet Coralbells), Juncus, Festuca, Nierembergia, Digitalis

Bulbs: Scilla, Narcissus/Daffodil, Amaryllis belladonna, Allium, Muscari, Tulbahia, Onion, Garlic

Trees: Fraxinus, Eucalyptus,Apricot,Avocado, Pomegranate

Unfortunately, the following plants have been identified as sure bet gopher foods:  most bulbs, most vegetables. Especially carrots, peas, potatoes and parsley, Aster, Campanula, California Poppy, Lavatera, Miscanthus, Phormium, Rose, and Salvia uliginosa.

4 comments on "Gopher resistant plants"

  • Bunny

    Thank you! Very helpful list.

    Are most succulents and non-prickly cactus gopher/rabbit safe?

  • Sloat Garden Center

    Thanks for the question!

    Gophers will eat most succulents roots except for plants in the Euphorbia family — they stay away from them due to the poisonous white sap in the roots and stems. Our recommendation for new succulent plantings is to use gopher baskets around the root system to protect the roots. Other options are to use Mole Max, which is castor oil based, to repel both gophers and rabbits from the area where it is applied.

    Rabbits will eat almost anything in the garden, especially leafy plants. If these are pet rabbits then I would stay away from introducing euphorbias in the garden.

  • Michelle Hoskins

    Unfortunately the gophers have killed our young 3 ft tall avocado tree.

  • Sloat Garden Center

    Michelle — We are so sorry to hear about your avocado tree (and can definitely sympathize)! Maybe some of these tips will help deter future gopher activity.

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