peas on vine

Peas are easy to start from seed, kid friendly, and they grow well in pots and planting beds.

There’s something special about peas. From snow peas and snap peas with edible pods to shelling peas and pea sprouts, all are worth growing. Easy to grow, start them from seed or starter transplants.  Since all parts of the pea plant are edible, you can also grow peas for the delicious shoots and tendrils. This is a real bonus because peas stop producing pods once temperatures are consistently 70 degrees or higher.

Plant peas in early fall or late winter (February). They prefer a well composted soil on the slightly acid side (E.B. Stone Planting Compost or Loam Builder). Mix the amendment 50/50 with your native soil. Since peas are legumes, they will “fix” their own nitrogen. The addition of Sure Start at the time of planting is perfect for their fertilizer needs. If you’re starting from seed, soak them overnight to jumpstart germination. Like all vegetables, they prefer full sun but will take some afternoon shade in warmer areas. If you have the space, plant tall, viny types on netting attached to stakes. Bush types require no trellising and are ideal for containers or hanging baskets.

Keep peas picked regularly to keep the plants flowering. If harvesting greens, snip off the top 6” of the plants, leaving 2 sets of leaves. This “cut and come again” method will provide nutritious pea greens every 3-4 weeks.


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