Create a Fairy Garden

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Create your very own Fairy Garden with materials you find outside. When creating your garden, be sure to incorporate these elements to attract Fairies:
  • Create a path that they can walk through the space.
  • Fairies love flowers! Be sure to have some around their garden.
  • Large leaves for hiding. Since Fairies are small, they need to have areas they can hide under for protection. Plants with large leaves are excellent for this.
  • A rock to sunbathe on. Fairies need to have a place they can lay down and take a nap (this can also be a time to dry off their wings)
  • Water. Fairies like to be able to splash through water if possible. Even a small dish dug into the ground or container soil will work!
  • Sparkle. Do you have any sparkling stones or gems or crystals you can add? Fairies love the sparkly rays.
Then…take a picture of your Fairy Garden. We’d love to see it! Email your pictures to for a chance to be featured on our website.
All completed Fairy garden participants will receive a stamp on their Sloat Kids Club Card the next time you visit our stores.

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