Create a Bug Hotel

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Kid’s Club Activity: Do you like to find bugs, and watch them in the garden? You can create a proper bug hotel to give them a nice cozy place to sleep for the night. You’ll also be able to observe them close up in the habitat you’ve created!


  • A cardboard box or milk carton
  • Paper cardboard rolls
  • Various materials ranging from pinecones, stones, moss, sticks, shells, leaves (these will be the beds for your bugs)

Have a grown-up help you cut a cardboard box or milk carton to use for your project. Put the cardboard rolls in your box or milk crate to form a grid of ‘rooms’ in your hotel.  In each room, put a different material (ie: leaves, moss, sticks, etc..).  Be sure to make a sign with your Hotel Name, so the bugs know where to go.  Set your hotel in a warm and protected space that you can view easily.  Watch as your hotel starts to fill up with visitors. Observe which bugs prefer which ‘beds’.

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