Gardener's Blog

Webinar: Fertilizer Basics

Learn why it’s important to fertilize and how to apply fertilizer. This informative class is helpful for those starting out and also a handy refresher for… Read More

Quick tip! How to Help Flowers Bloom Longer

Quick tip! Sloat container designer Jen walks you through how to help annual flowers bloom longer by dead-heading the spent blooms. Read More

Quick tip! How to Amend Soil for Planting

Quick tip!  Izzy from our Danville location walks you through a quick video about how to amend garden soil for planting.      … Read More

Webinar: Winter Gardening Essentials

Kicking off our 2021 Webinar Series, Speaker Suzanne Bontempo from Our Water Our World (OWOW) joined us to talk about essential winter gardening concepts like planting… Read More

Make a Succulent & Tillandsia Wreath

Learn to create a unique holiday wreath with Sloat Garden Center designer Jennie Strobel. In this video, Jennie guides us through building a wreath using succulents… Read More

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