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Webinar: Tomato Growing 101

It’s tomato growing season! Learn to successfully grow them with our tomato expert Dan Alexander – he shares planting tips, favorite varieties, and tomato planting combinations… Read More

Webinar: How to Prune Citrus

Correct citrus pruning is important for fruit production and disease resistance over time. Learn from Elizabeth Ruiz, aesthetic pruner and garden designer. Her classes are a… Read More

Webinar: WaterWise Gardening 101

Learn to create a water-efficient garden that will look beautiful through the dryer months. Charlotte Canner and Suzanne Bontempo from OWOW (Our Water Our World) shares… Read More

Webinar: How to Prune Japanese Maples

Pruning professional Elizabeth Ruiz will teach you the correct way to prune these beautiful trees. She’ll also illustrate how Japanese Maples can be shaped through pruning… Read More

Video: How to re-pot an Orchid

Learn to re-pot your favorite Orchid with Sloat Garden Center designer Jennie. In this video, Jennie guides us through how to refresh your Orchid’s soil and… Read More

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