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Choosing succulents for our Succulent Soirée

  Sloat staff toured two succulent nurseries last week, and wow, they found some treasures!  Here's a sneak peek of what our buyers spotted while choosing succulents for the upcoming Succulent Soirée.  … Read More

Don’t forget to vote!

Vote for your favorite low-water garden or plant through June 29th. Contestants with the most votes will win a Sloat Garden Center gift card. Which is your… Read More

Basic Succulent Care

Basic Succulent Care Succulents are fascinating plants; their symmetry, muted vibrance and fleshy tactile quality invite touch. Their ability to withstand sporadic rainfall by storing water in their juicy leaves is what makes them… Read More

Succulent & Tillandsia Pumpkin Planters

Succulent & Tillandsia Pumpkin Planters are currently at select Sloat Garden Center locations. These lovely centerpieces will last through the holidays, at which point they can be transplanted… Read More