Gardener's Blog

Gopher resistant plants

These plants are usually left alone by gophers. It should be noted that many plants that are deer resistant are also gopher resistant. Shrubs: Arbutus unedo, Buddleja… Read More

OrnamenTrap Yellow Jacket Trap

Hornets and yellow jackets have been extra busy during the drought. Not only did their nests from last year remain intact (instead of being washed away in rain… Read More

Critters to keep an eye out for

Crane flies have been out for a while now. You know, the mosquito hawks, skeeter eaters or gollywhoppers as they are sometimes called. There are many… Read More

Controlling ants

The rainy season can bring unwelcome visitors to your house…. Ants! Many ant species are actually beneficial; they improve the soil and are important natural enemies… Read More

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