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Learn about companion planting

Companion planting is the practice of combining plants in ways that produce extra benefits for one or both. It is an aspect of IPM (Integrated Pest… Read More

tobacco budworms are back

The tobacco budworms are back. These caterpillars are very good at camouflage, taking on the color tint of the flowers they eat. The adults are moths… Read More

Critters to keep an eye out for

Crane flies have been out for a while now. You know, the mosquito hawks, skeeter eaters or gollywhoppers as they are sometimes called. There are many… Read More

Controlling ants

The rainy season can bring unwelcome visitors to your house…. Ants! Many ant species are actually beneficial; they improve the soil and are important natural enemies… Read More


Aphids are small soft-bodied insects that suck plant juices. The whitish cast skins can be mistaken for whiteflies, an entirely different problem. That’s why it’s always… Read More

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