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Some of our Favorite Houseplants

Croton Native to the tropics, this indoor plant superstar features large, glossy leaves. Best of all, Croton (Codiaeum) matches the fall season with its fabulous foliage. Croton… Read More

Video: How to re-pot an Orchid

Learn to re-pot your favorite Orchid with Sloat Garden Center designer Jennie. In this video, Jennie guides us through how to refresh your Orchid’s soil and… Read More

5 General Indoor Plant Care Tips 

Pot indoor plants in Sloat Organic Indoor Potting Soil; a rich planting medium. Most houseplants appreciate bright, indirect light. Planters should have a drainage hole… Read More

Missing that holiday greenery?

Fill the post-holiday decorating void with houseplants -- we have easy-care, low-maintenance indoor plants available in a variety of sizes and light needs. Stop in and we'll… Read More

How to Plant a Houseplant

Our Concord store manager Dustin walks us through how to plant a houseplant. View his tips in this short video! Read More

A sea of Calathea

There are over 150 species of Calathea and all are prized for beautiful foliage that’s marked and variegated with stripes, dots, and patterns in shades of… Read More

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