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Make a Pumpkin Craft

It’s that pumpkin time of the year again -- it's time to create something fun! In this craft we'll create a pumpkin design and glue a… Read More

Plant fall blooming perennials

Now is the time to select and plant fall-blooming perennials.                                                            … Read More

Create a Fairy Garden

Create your very own Fairy Garden with materials you find outside. When creating your garden, be sure to incorporate these elements to attract Fairies: Create a path… Read More

Fall is for Planting

Savvy gardeners know that fall is the ideal time to get perennials, trees, vines, shrubs, and cool-season vegetables into the ground. Why? 1. In October and November… Read More

Mums & Fall Flowers

As the garden turns to fall, plant material changes in our stores. Pansies, Violas, Snapdragons, Stock, and Nemesia all arrive, but Mums really signify a new… Read More

When and How to Prune Hydrangeas

The Garden Guru has received many questions this week about when and how to prune Hydrangeas.... Hydrangea microphylla, both mophead and lacecaps, should be pruned in late summer/early… Read More

How to make a Succulent topped Pumpkin   How to make a succulent topped pumpkin Ingredient list: Succulent cuttings and Air Plants (Echeveria, Aeonium, Senecio, Tillandsia) Permanent Craft Glue (Ie: E6000) Scissors Moss Craft wire   Directions… Read More

All about Fall vegetables….

Vegetable gardening is not just for spring. Late summer and fall are the most ideal times to plant cool season vegetables, greens and root crops. Not… Read More

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