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Webinar: Bee Friendly Gardening

In the 3rd installment of our Summer Garden Spotlight Series, we welcome Bonnie Morse; beekeeper and co-owner of Bonnie Bee & Company in Marin County. She will… Read More

Fall planting

Now is the time to plant Brussels Sprouts, Bok Choy, Kale, Chard, Broccoli, Turnips, Cabbage, Mustard & Collards...and don’t forget Sage for the holidays… Read More

All about Agastache & Aeonium

Agastache (pronounced ah-gas-TAH-kee-whew!) This perennial herb (also Sloat's plant pick of the month) is also called “Hummingbird Mint” or “Anise Hyssop”, the flower spikes not only attract… Read More

Tobacco budworms are back

The tobacco budworms are back. These caterpillars are very good at camouflage, taking on the color tint of the flowers they eat. The adults are moths… Read More

Have you fed your plants lately?

Now is the time of year when lack of nutrition starts to show in all of your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Squash becomes pale, tomatoes aren’t… Read More

Kid’s Scavenger Hunt

Two different scavenger hunts! Go on a scavenger hunt and try to find these things in your neighborhood, park, or backyard… Read More

Webinar: Container Design Basics

Join us and learn from our container design expert Jen Strobel. Jen will demonstrate basic tips and approaches to designing your containers, as well as walk… Read More

Basic Succulent Care

Basic Succulent Care Succulents are fascinating plants; their symmetry, muted vibrance and fleshy tactile quality invite touch. Their ability to withstand sporadic rainfall by storing water in their juicy leaves is what makes them… Read More

Syrphid flies eat aphids!

The larvae of syrphid flies resemble a green caterpillar, and the adults are often confused with bees. They do in fact eat aphids with relish! Read more… Read More

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