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Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Does your child want to start their own veggie garden? Growing kitchen scraps is a fun and easy way to do it indoors. All you need… Read More

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit Tree Pruning Webinar Outline 1. Tree Physiology 2. Why Pruning: Young vs. Mature / Establish trees 3. Pruning Cuts - Heading cuts - Thinning cuts - Jump cut 4. How to prune… Read More

Gopher resistant plants

These plants are usually left alone by gophers. It should be noted that many plants that are deer resistant are also gopher resistant. Shrubs: Arbutus unedo, Buddleja… Read More

Stepping Back in Time

Did you (or your family) shop at Sloat Garden Center in the 50's, 60, 70, 80's or 90's? We're collecting photos and stories to help commemorate… Read More

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