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All about Cuphea

These natives of Mexico and Central America are definitely frost-tender, although they may survive light frosts in Sunset zones 16-17. All attract hummingbirds. They can take… Read More

Clematis Care

These deciduous/evergreen vines need regular moisture, good drainage and for their roots to be cool. The deep-colored blossoming clematis, (red, purple, white, blue) can tolerate full… Read More

All about Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, also called Peruvian Lily, Parrot Lily, Parrot Flower, Inca Lily, are perennials grown from tuberous roots. They originate from South America. Once established these plants… Read More

All about Geranium & Pelargonium

Geraniums: Are mostly herbaceous clumping perennials, thriving in a cool climate. Geranium comes from the Greek word ‘geranos’ for crane. The fruit has a beak that… Read More

Abutilon love

This evergreen, semi-tropical, frost-tender shrub is a member of the mallow family. You may notice the resemblance to hollyhocks, lavatera and hibiscus. It is often grown… Read More

The Wonders of Wisteria

About Wisteria: This long-lived twining, woody deciduous vine needs full sun, good drainage, a very strong support system, regular water the first season, and very-well amended soil… Read More