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Plant Pick of the Month: Cosmos

Native to Mexico, this showy summer and fall blooming plant has daisy-like flowers in many colors and forms.  Lovely in arrangements if flowers are cut just after they… Read More

Winter Orchid Festival

Orchids evolved 40-70 million years ago. A vanilla bean is the dried fruit of an orchid. Orchids were used in medieval times as aphrodisiacs. There are 3,000 kinds of… Read More

Grow flowers and foliage for bouquets and arrangements

Want to grow flowers and foliage to create table arrangements? Check out our list! Annual Flowers Antirrhinum (Snapdragon) Clarkia (Farewell to Spring) Cleome (Spider Flower) Consolida (Larkspur) Cosmos Helianthus (Sunflower) Lathyrus (Sweet Pea) Matthiola (Stock) Nicotiana Nigella… Read More

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