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Butterfly and Agapanthus

Well hello there!  We are enjoying this Agapanthus and butterfly photo -- taken by our San Rafael location manager, Steve… Read More

Herbs as Edging Plants

Lemon thyme, Silver thyme and Chives are great for edges of sunny beds, between flagstones or to soften the edges of steps. Lemon Balm and Pineapple Mint… Read More

Ladybug release in Mill Valley

Made the news! Kids get bitten by gardening bug Schoolchildren release more than 120,000 ladybugs into the garden at Edna Maguire Elementary School in Mill Valley on Thursday… Read More

Flowers for butterflies

The North American Butterfly Association's list of top butterfly nectar flowers. Check it out!… Read More

All about Agastache & Aeonium

Agastache (pronounced ah-gas-TAH-kee-whew!) This perennial herb (also Sloat's plant pick of the month) is also called “Hummingbird Mint” or “Anise Hyssop”, the flower spikes not only attract… Read More