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Hummingbird mama & her eggs

A hummingbird mama has chosen our 3rd avenue store to build a nest and lay her eggs. Assistant Manager Cameron tells the story of when they… Read More

The Secret is in the Soil

The Secret is in the Soil What is soil? True soil that plants thrive in is a rich substance, teeming with microscopic organisms, bacteria, insects, minerals, and decayed… Read More

Webinar: WaterWise Gardening 101

Learn to create a water-efficient garden that will look beautiful through the dryer months. Charlotte Canner and Suzanne Bontempo from OWOW (Our Water Our World) shares… Read More

Plant up Tomato Sauce!

Here's what you need to make our favorite tomato sauce! 10 tomatoes 1 small onion, minced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp. salt Fresh ground pepper… Read More

Protecting early season tomatoes

It's starting to feel like spring! Now is an ideal time to begin thinking about your vegetable garden. Carrots, beets and lettuces can be planted now, and… Read More

Covid Safety at Sloat

All Sloat Garden Center locations are open for in-store shopping with Covid safety protocols in place.  The number of customers allowed in some of our premises is… Read More

Starting Seed Indoors

Starting Seed Indoors Several critical factors to remember when starting seed indoors: LIGHT: A window or normal household light is not adequate light for starting seedlings indoors. Miracle… Read More

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