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Gardening Solutions: Controlling Aphids

Aphids are small soft-bodied insects that suck plant juices. The whitish cast skins can be mistaken for whiteflies, an entirely different problem. That’s why it’s always… Read More

5 Steps: How to Plant a Mini-Garden

Learn how to create a mini garden using flowers, herbs, and tomatoes. Follow our step by step instructions for planting a small garden in a wine barrel.    … Read More

Webinar: How to Prune Citrus

Correct citrus pruning is important for fruit production and disease resistance over time. Learn from Elizabeth Ruiz, aesthetic pruner and garden designer. Her classes are a… Read More

10 Tips for Every Gardener

Get comfortable growing houseplants, flowers, vegetables, trees, and more with our top 10 favorite tips!   1. Healthy gardens start with healthy soil. The easiest way to create… Read More

Favorite summer squash recipes

There's a saying in many rural areas throughout the U.S. and it goes something like this: never leave your car windows down during gardening season or… Read More

Seed Starting Activity

Now is the time to start planning your garden. Kids, this is your chance to pick out the flowers and plants you want to grow. By… Read More

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