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Gaia’s Garden

Below is an excerpt from one of our new books, Gaia’s really resonates with us here at Sloat. “A movement is afoot toward more… Read More

Ladybug release in Mill Valley

Made the news! Kids get bitten by gardening bug Schoolchildren release more than 120,000 ladybugs into the garden at Edna Maguire Elementary School in Mill Valley on Thursday… Read More

How to celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Sloat gardeners. At Sloat we deeply believe that gardening is good for the planet. We urge every gardener to plant something this Earth… Read More

Impatiens, impatiens, impatiens

Ever wonder about the difference is between all those cultivars of Impatiens? We usually see 5 main types at Sloat. All the cultivars encompass the basic… Read More

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