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Gardening helps ease depression

Interesting article in Medical News Today. Read the full article by clicking here: UK scientists suggest that a type of friendly bacteria found in soil may… Read More

All about Geranium & Pelargonium

Geraniums: Are mostly herbaceous clumping perennials, thriving in a cool climate. Geranium comes from the Greek word ‘geranos’ for crane. The fruit has a beak that… Read More


Aphids are small soft-bodied insects that suck plant juices. The whitish cast skins can be mistaken for whiteflies, an entirely different problem. That’s why it’s always… Read More

Abutilon love

This evergreen, semi-tropical, frost-tender shrub is a member of the mallow family. You may notice the resemblance to hollyhocks, lavatera and hibiscus. It is often grown… Read More

Talkin’ about bees…

Bees have been a hot topic in the news as of late, and with good reason. These critters are important pollinators to invite into your garden… Read More

Yup, we have ’em.

In this week's San Francisco Chronicle Home & Garden section, the friendly Bay Area based West County Gardener gloves are featured. Sloat Garden Center carries West… Read More

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