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Critters to keep an eye out for

Crane flies have been out for a while now. You know, the mosquito hawks, skeeter eaters or gollywhoppers as they are sometimes called. There are many… Read More

Thanks SF Weekly!

Best Plant Nursery (2008) Sloat Garden Center 2700 Sloat (at 46th Ave.), 566-4615 Global warming ensures that it is not quite so unbearably foggy, cold, and desolate out… Read More

Top ten reasons why gardening is fun

Top 10 Reasons why Gardening is fun! By syndicated columnist and gardener Jan Riggenbach. 10. Does not require a remote control. 9. Has nothing to do with politics. 8. You… Read More

Summer Rose Care

Roses should be fed and dead-headed after the blooming season. Feeding them alfalfa meal, Maxsea, or EB Stone Rose and Flower Food are all good choices… Read More

Home pest control

Pests in the home can be an incredible nuisance when children, pets or allergy sensitivities are involved. Our home pest control products, when used according to… Read More

Vertical Gardening

Short on space in your garden? Here are a few ideas by Diane Relf, Extension horticulturist and Alan McDaniel, associate professor, Department of Horticulture, Virginia Tech.   Vertical… Read More

Building green: some ideas

A terrific article from Hawks Nursery in Wisconsin....As concern for the environment increases, building a green home is becoming more common place. In the landscape… Read More

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