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This week’s webinar outline

Seed Starting  With: Dan Alexander Intro: A Little Botony – The Science of Seeds and Germination Practical Applications: Choosing Seeds Obtaining Seeds Germination Techniques in General Containers… Read More

2021 Webinar Archive

All about Terrariums & Living Ornaments Tillandsias 101 Secret Season: Edible Gardening Getting to Know Native Plants Gardening for the Birds Indoor Plant Design Become… Read More

Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Does your child want to start their own veggie garden? Growing kitchen scraps is a fun and easy way to do it indoors. All you need… Read More

Quick tip! How to Help Flowers Bloom Longer

Quick tip! Sloat container designer Jen walks you through how to help annual flowers bloom longer by dead-heading the spent blooms. Read More

Quick tip! How to Amend Soil for Planting

Quick tip!  Izzy from our Danville location walks you through a quick video about how to amend garden soil for planting.      … Read More

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