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Beneficials in action

Beneficials in action at our Martinez store -- a guest brought in aphid covered leaves.  When we examined them we discovered these syrphid fly / hoverfly larvae having quite a feast!  … Read More

Thrips on the loose in your garden

With the onset of warm weather, we're hearing reports of thrips damage. These destructive insects wreck havoc in gardens, so we're devoting time to learning more… Read More

Be WaterWise

As spring continues without much rain, it is incumbent upon all of us gardeners to do our best to conserve water through better irrigation practices, proper… Read More

Sloat Garden Center gift cards

Give the gift of gardening for holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and housewarmings. Stop by any Sloat Garden Center location to purchase a gift card ($25, $50, and… Read More

Some of our Favorite Houseplants

Croton Native to the tropics, this indoor plant superstar features large, glossy leaves. Best of all, Croton (Codiaeum) matches the fall season with its fabulous foliage. Croton… Read More

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