Be WaterWise this Spring

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Now that the rain has stopped and temperatures are rising, it is important to start your irrigation systems and get back into the habit of regular watering. A visual inspection of all irrigation should be made to ensure that there are no leaks.

Drip systems require full pressure to function properly and if there are leaks, you won’t notice plants suffering until it is almost too late. Ensure your systems operate long enough to water deeply. A one-gallon-per-hour emitter, left on for 7 minutes delivers less than two cups of water to the plant, creating a shallow-rooted, higher maintenance plant. If watering is deep, it needs to be done much less often, conserving water and creating healthier root structures.

Mulching is vitally important to retaining moisture in the soil, also cutting down on the frequency of watering that is needed. Taking care of your irrigation system now will save water, money, and plants through the summer and fall. Be WaterWise with Sloat Garden Center.

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Dave Stoner, President

Sloat Garden Center

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