Abutilon love

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This evergreen, semi-tropical, frost-tender shrub is a member of the mallow family. You may notice the resemblance to hollyhocks, lavatera and hibiscus. It is often grown as a houseplant. It can be grown in a sheltered spot in the landscape or containers, and it likes full sun in San Francisco/San Bruno or part shade in Marin/Danville. Abutilons require good drainage and regular water (even an occasional spritz) and like warm days and nights.

They are not heavy feeders but tend to drop their lower leaves if underfed. Alternate using all purpose and bloom fertilizer. They are excellent candidates for foliar feeding with Maxsea fertilizer. The growth habit is open and rangy, these plants can grow 8-10′ tall and wide. They should be pruned to shape in early spring. The main bloom season is spring but the white/yellow blooming plants seems to flower almost continuously. They also attract hummingbirds and butterflies!

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