Break out your macro lenses, it’s time for our second annual Close Up Plant Photo Contest!

Get creative and have fun photographing plants (herbs, flowers, foliage, vegetables, trees, etc) up close. The only real “rule” is that the picture must be taken from a closer than usual distance.

Winners will receive:
$100 (1st place) Sloat gift card
$50 (2nd place) Sloat gift card
$25 (3rd place) Sloat gift card

1. Send your close-up plant photo to now through midnight, March 7th. Only one photo per person will be accepted, so choose carefully and send us just 1 entry per person. Don’t forget to name your photo! All entries must be received by midnight, March 7th to qualify for voting.

2. All photo entries will be revealed on March 8th. We will email you a link to send your friends & family so that they can vote. Voting begins March 8th and goes through midnight, March 19. Winners will be announced on March 20th. The photos with the greatest number of votes will win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place Sloat Garden Center gift cards.

Please note that we reserve the right to use contest photos in future contests or promotions.




  • If you have multiple email addresses, please refrain from sending a photo from each. 1 photo per household, please.
  • Remember to label your photo — pictures with short, fun, headlines tend to do better.
  • We reserve the right to use contest photos to promote future contests (unless alternative arrangements have been made). Photos submitted are the property of the photographer, not Sloat Garden Center. We reserve the right to refuse photo entries we feel are inappropriate.
  • Due to the way that our website posts photo entries, there may be cropping that occurs to your photo thumbnail. Once the contest is live and you click on the thumbnail, the full photo will be shown.
  • No purchase necessary. Sloat Garden Center employees are not eligible to win. Void where prohibited by law. Winners will be selected by greatest number of votes. Contestants must be a California resident to enter.
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