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Plant Brassicas now

Late summer is the ideal time to plant Brassicas (Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower and kale). Start them early enough, and they’ll grow late into… Read More

Plant up Ketchup ‘n’ Fries!

This hand-grafted plant (non-gmo) produces potatoes AND cherry tomatoes. Above the ground you can harvest up to 500 sweet, cherry tomatoes for snacking, salads, and even… Read More

Tomato sale

Our Tomato sale has ended...please join us for future tomato sales.  … Read More

How to cure Olives

by UC Davis Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  Read full olive curing information here. Harvested olives must be “cured” to remove the bitterness in order to make… Read More

All about planting Fall vegetables

Vegetable gardening isn't just a springtime activity. Summer and fall are ideal times to plant cool season vegetables, greens and root crops. Not only does cool… Read More

New and Exciting Vegetables Seminar

New and Exciting VegetablesWelcome Dan Lehrer of Flatland Farms. Dan’s selection of certified organic vegetables is exceptional. Learn how to grow, care for and enjoy heirloom… Read More

All about artichokes!

  Artichokes-Mmmm! Here's what we hope: After working in Sloat Loam Builder you planted your little artichoke plants in a sunny, well-draining spot in the back of the… Read More
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Planting winter vegetables

The Bay Area’s rainy falls and winters are so mild that we can harvest fresh produce from cool season veggies until the weather turns warm. We… Read More