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Rose care 101

Rose Care 101 Roses need regular water (a deep soak 2-3 times a week) and a regular fertilizing schedule. Fog does NOT count as watering. There are several… Read More

New for 2017 Dormant Rose selection

Our 2017 dormant roses are in the stores and ready for your garden. We only buy California grown roses, which results in a healthier rose, and a smaller carbon footprint… Read More

Picking sleeves for roses

We have a terrific new product for pruning (modeled by our Green Goods Buyer Gerry). Picking sleeves are comfortable, protect arms from prickly thorns, and allow… Read More

Summer Rose Care

Roses should be fed and dead-headed after the blooming season. Feeding them alfalfa meal, Maxsea, or EB Stone Rose and Flower Food are all good choices… Read More

Common disease problems with roses

Downy Mildew- Peronospora sparsa appears after consistent cool conditions (Jan-Feb), then a big temperature hike, followed by cool humid weather again. Symptoms include lesions on the… Read More