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The spittle bugs have returned!

The spittle bugs have returned. Soon you will start to see globs of foam on some perennials, grasses and leafy shrubs that resembles, well, spit. Spittle bugs… Read More

OrnamenTrap Yellow Jacket Trap

Hornets and yellow jackets have been extra busy during the drought. Not only did their nests from last year remain intact (instead of being washed away in rain… Read More
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Meet the beneficials

Predators hunt, attack, and kill their prey. Encourage these natural enemies by avoiding pesticides that kill them; choosing plants that provide them pollen, nectar, and shelter… Read More

Syrphid flies eat aphids!

The larvae of syrphid flies  resemble a green caterpillar, and the adults are often confused with bees. They do in fact eat aphids with relish! Read more… Read More

Gardening Solutions: Controlling Aphids

Aphids are small soft-bodied insects that suck plant juices. The whitish cast skins can be mistaken for whiteflies, an entirely different problem. That’s why it’s always… Read More

Learn about companion planting

Companion planting is the practice of combining plants in ways that produce extra benefits for one or both. It is an aspect of IPM (Integrated Pest… Read More

Good Bug Tub

One way to encourage visiting beneficials to be permanent pest patrollers is to grow flowers that are good producers of nectar and pollen; with your help… Read More
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Critters to keep an eye out for

Crane flies have been out for a while now. You know, the mosquito hawks, skeeter eaters or gollywhoppers as they are sometimes called. There are many… Read More