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We Dig Soil

  Thanks for shopping our We Dig Soil event. Stay tuned for future promotions!  … Read More
19. Paperwhites

Plant paper whites for holiday blooms

Botanically speaking, daffodils, jonquils, and what are commonly called paper whites, are all Narcissus. It is the birth flower of December symbolizing sweetness, rebirth, and formality… Read More
2759-MS-P300 Penstemon barbatus Rondo

August Plant Pick: Penstemon

Penstemon, also known as Beardtongue, is one of our most popular summer blooming perennials. They can be used in almost any garden from drought tolerant Mediterranean… Read More
coleus bonefish

Under the Sea Coleus collection

Our collection of unique tidal pool shapes are upright, mounding thrillers that look great in mixed containers or in the landscape. Under the Sea varieties: Fish… Read More
solstice pottery 3

Solstice Sale photos

  Solstice Sale at our Miller Avenue, Mill Valley store Solstice Sale at our 3rd Avenue, SF store   Solstice Pottery at our Sloat Blvd Store Solstice Sale at our Martinez Store Solstice Sale at our… Read More