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November Plant Pick: Primlets!

Looking for something different in the English primrose family? Try out one of these gorgeous Primlets. Also called Rosebud Primrose, the smaller double flowers resemble a… Read More
mums and pumpkin

Fall custom planters are in stores

Our fall beautiful centerpieces are easy-pick solutions for your doorstep. We can also plant up a combination of plants with your color palette in mind… Read More

Plant Brassicas now

Late summer is the ideal time to plant Brassicas (Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kohlrabi, cauliflower and kale). Start them early enough, and they’ll grow late into… Read More
pumpkin for halloween

Tips for Keeping Carved Pumpkins Fresh

Tips for Keeping Carved Pumpkins Fresh by Botanical Interests Carved pumpkins look their best one to two days after carving, and rarely look good after seven days. It’s… Read More

Fall and Halloween

It's Friday! Stop in to Sloat Garden Center this weekend; we have everything you need to set the stage for Fall and Halloween… Read More