Bearded Iris


Bulbs are coming! Bulbs are coming! We know, you're thinking "What the heck are they talking about?  It's only August!"  

While most spring flowering bulbs should be planted in October when temperatures drop, August & September is the time for bearded Iris -- and bulbs will be arriving in Sloat stores this week!  

Bearded Iris are rhizomatous irises that prefer full sun (some shade in hot inland areas) and well-draining soil. As you will see on the packaging, the flower form and color ranges are spectacular. Bloom periods range from April through June. Space rhizomes 1-2 feet apart just below the soil surface. Because the growth occurs on the leafy/pointed end of the rhizome, the leafy end can be pointed in the direction you want it to grow. 

If previously planted bearded iris will not produce as many flowers as they used to, divide the clumps now. Bearded Iris prefer E.B. Stone Organics Bulb Food at the time of planting and a moderate nitrogen fertilizer during the growth season. 

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