Bay Area Plant Pick for October: Guzmania

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Company is coming! Bring Fall color indoors by decorating with Guzmanias. They make a stunning centerpiece for any holiday table, a vibrant office plant, or a tropical gift.

Known for their glorious flower spikes and a wide array of colors, including pink, cream, yellow, orange, red and maroon, Guzmanias hold their color for an extended time. Native to tropical rainforests, they are somewhat taller than many Bromeliads, with large and showy flower bracts. They do well in low light conditions and also, artificial light.

Guzmanias are not difficult to grow and will reward you with many weeks of color with little or no effort.
Try them in a mixed planting with ivy and peace lilies! Keep Guzmanias looking good with Grow More Bromeliad Food.

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