2018 Dormant Rose Selection

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Our 2018 dormant roses are in the stores and ready for your garden. We only buy California grown roses, which results in a healthier rose (and a smaller carbon footprint). Our selections for 2018: Top Gun, Parade Day, Frida Kahlo, Easy Spirit, Rosie the Riveter. Learn how to plant dormant roses.


Top Gun
– This rounded, bushy plant produces vigorous stems ending with clusters of long-lasting dark red flowers. Top flowering performance and outstanding clean foliage.

Parade Day – Blooms profusely with elegant flowers accompanied by a pleasant citrus-like fragrance with hints of spices.

Frida Kahlo  – The scarlet red and gold striped flowers are one of a kind in the rose world. Striking vibrant rounded flowers are produced abundantly on this compact, upright, vigorous plant. The swirl of colors intensifies as the flowers age.

Easy Spirit – Classy white large flowers with a cream base. This upright, compact plant has clean glossy green foliage and perfectly formed buds and flowers that hold their beauty throughout the life of the flower.

Rosie the Riveter  – These old-fashioned orangey-gold unusual flowers are suffused with pink. The exquisite pointy and shapely buds are proudly held on top of very glossy dark foliage.

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